Healing does not always mean cure …

Someone who came to talk with me died the other day.  She was a courageous and beautiful soul who had survived cancer long after the time she had been told she had to live. We had deep conversations filled with both sorrow and laughter, as she had a wicked sense of humor that was a great match for my own.  In the end, she chose what she needed and wanted and, after much suffering, had a peaceful passing.  She knew that she had lived a good life and, in that way, she granted herself a good death.

Today on World Cancer Day I am thinking of all of those with cancer who I have been so blessed to work with over the years.  Some are strong and surviving, moving forward in their own lives.  Others are living with cancer every day of their lives and struggling with all that can entail.  And some are looking at how they will face their own death …

I remember all of you

I honor all of you

I am grateful for your presence in my life

I send healing wishes to all of you who deal with a diagnosis of cancer.