Cheryl Krauter, MFT, is a cancer survivor with over 35 years of experience as a depth-oriented Humanistic Existential psychotherapist whose personal experience with cancer brought her to this work.

cheryl_krauter-croppedShe offers you a place to explore the uncertainty, isolation and  insecurity that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Her intention is to help you discover a deeply personal awareness and understanding of how you have been altered by your experience of cancer. You have all the knowledge within you to understand and create your own healing, but sometimes you need guidance to help you find where you are and to support you in discovering where you want to go.

Cancer Survivor Support is a source of information and support for each of you as you continue to explore and discover your personal path.

Cheryl’s book Surviving the Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story presents a humanistic psychological perspective on how to support cancer survivors by offering an individualized narrative structure designed to help them tell their stories. Workbook sections designed to help you tell your cancer story are the core of this book and are featured throughout. Individualized for patients, partners, families, and friends, they offer a narrative structure, provided in a template and created with an emphasis on the different needs and questions of each group. In this book, survivors are given the prompts to tell their own story and create their own survivorship plan. Cancer is not one size fits all, and neither is cancer survivorship.

You don’t have to be a victim of a system that is overloaded and struggling to handle your needs. You can create your own survivorship plan and advocate effectively for yourself in relationship to your medical team. You are at risk for numerous and varied physical, social, and psychological long-term effects of cancer treatment. You did not create your cancer. It is not your fault that you got the short straw. You can find the light of transformation in the darkness of your fears and sorrows.

Cheryl’s most recent book Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors: A Clinician’s Guide and Workbook for Providing Wholehearted Care is a clinical resource for healthcare practitioners that presents person-centered care as an antidote to the distress both patients and clinicians face in cancer survivorship. It addresses questions of how to bring a humanistic approach and quality attention to the growing needs of patients in the post-treatment phase of a cancer diagnosis. As a workbook, it’s both a guide and an applicable resource for daily clinical practice. It provides a needed structure for clinicians to help them reconnect with the meaningful aspects of their work.

Written from the perspective of a clinician-survivor, Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors is about the healing power of relationship for both patient and practitioner as they negotiate the complex world of cancer survivorship.

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