“Cancer is enough to get my attention.” “
Charles Grodin


February 4th is World Cancer Day.  It’s a way to pay attention to cancer and all the many ways it impacts people’s lives.  Some of us have been diagnosed with cancer, survived both the disease and the grueling treatment and are cancer free.  Some of us live with cancer every day without the promise of having NED (No Evidence of Disease).  We have lost parents, partners, friends, colleagues and children to this pesky disease that haunts us with its cruel twists and unexpected turns.  And there is still no cure for cancer …

When you are touched by cancer it gets your attention everyday, not just on one day a year.  The illness is constantly smacking you upside the head.  We often feel powerless over the power of its grasp.  So, while this isn’t exactly a day to celebrate, it does give us a moment to reflect on how we can bring our awareness to cancer today.  You  might send a note to someone struggling with cancer, buy yourself some flowers if you have lost someone to cancer, treat yourself to something special if you are in treatment for cancer, or express your gratitude if you are a cancer survivor.

Think of ways to honor World Cancer Day and consider donating to the cancer organization of your choice today.  Regardless of our lack of control over cancer, we can contribute in meaningful ways today and everyday.

I want to honor my friends, family, and clients who have died from cancer.  I want to send healing light and love to those who are currently struggling with cancer.  I send support to the partners, family members, and friends of people with cancer.

I am profoundly grateful to be a cancer survivor for nearly 10 years.

Here are some links to cancer services or you can also look at the resources in your area


Women’s Cancer Resource Center/Oakland, CA    http://www.wcrc.org/

Cancer Support Community   http://www.cancersupportcommunity.org/

Stupid Cancer   http://stupidcancer.org/