“And don’t think the garden

looses its ecstasy in winter.

It’s quiet, but the roots

are down there riotous.” –Rumi

The Winter Solstice arrives on Monday, December 21, 2015 at 8:49 PM PST

In the midst of winter’s darkness, the light returns. The longest night of the year heralds the return of the sun.  And so it has always been that even when we cannot see it or feel it, there is a radiance around us that offers hope and new beginnings. The Solstice is a time for reflection, a time to turn inward, to rest, to gather strength for the long winter months to come. Our roots are deep in the soil of our lives, holding us and providing the genesis for the growth that will come in spring.

Light a candle for the Solstice fire … it symbolizes the return of the light.  Put a sprig of holly nearby to symbolize vitality. Hang some mistletoe to bring fertility into the intentions of your life. Place some greens around your space to signify that which is evergreen … that which is everlasting … symbolizing all that is constant … reminding us of what we can hold onto when all seems lost and in darkness.

I offer this simple ritual to all of us whose lives are touched by cancer. May we find solace in the depth and beauty of the roots within ourselves that are riotous with brightness and promise.  May rays of light illuminate your path through the darkness of the long night.