Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day.

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer nine years ago this month.  By the fall of 2007 I had undergone several surgeries, a grueling course of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Even now those months feel unreal; I still wonder if somehow they had the wrong chart. But how could they make a mistake when they posed such questions as “What is your name, what is your birth date, which breast is it?’ I went from feeling fine to being in pain, horribly nauseated from chemo drugs, and burned by radiation. I watched my long curls fall into the tub drain. My mouth filled with sores. My eyes turned red. Too bad it wasn’t Halloween; I was the perfect zombie. Scans, tests, blood draws, and MRIs became familiar, yet the feelings each one produced can still evoke anxiety years after the initial diagnosis. As I write this I am still in remission and have NED (No Evidence of Disease).

There are still many women who are faced with this aggressive breast cancer.  Their struggle continues.  To help support them and their families, you can donate to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation which was founded by friends of a young woman who died from TNBC.  This wonderful organization had raised money and awareness for TNBC.  The link is below.

Thank you and may the world be free from the suffering of cancer.