Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it.” –

Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

By the time I had surgery it had spread to my lymph nodes.

I was given a 40% chance of survival without treatment.

I chose a brutal treatment and was given a 70% chance of survival.  I always say, “I got a C average in cancer.”


In 2019, I now work with people, their partners, their families, friends, and caregivers, who have drawn the short straw of cancer.  I work with other clinicians who have answered the call to work with people who have cancer and their communities. I have written two books – one for cancer survivors and the other for the clinicians who work with them.  I have been deeply honored to be with some who have survived and to sit with others who have died.

Mostly, I am deeply grateful to still be alive … even on really, really bad days … I’m grateful.

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day.  The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation was profoundly helpful to me in my early days of survival and I still have contact with women who I met on their online forum.

Please consider a donation to this wonderful organization that serves those who have been diagnosed with this rare and aggressive breast cancer.  Thanks!