Knowing it exists is not enough. Get informed. Pass it on.

We’re drawing to the end of October, the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, sometimes known as “Pinktober.”  We can all joke about the pink products, pink apparel, pink food and drink but while 1 in 1000 males may receive a breast cancer diagnosis,  breast cancer is still largely a very serious women’s disease.

I’m concerned about the current backlash involving women’s rights.  There’s been  a resurgence of some of the old battles we thought we had already fought and won. I believed that the right to choose about our bodies was settled – abortion is back on the table.  That access to care was a human right – the argument to defund Planned Parenthood came, literally, from Right field.

And now there are questions about breast cancer screening, mammograms, even clinical breast exams.  Breast self exams are generally acknowledged as important by all sources. However, young women and older women purportedly do not need to be screened depending upon where you are getting your information. I am both personally and professionally well-educated on breast cancer and even I felt confused. I am Caucasian, I speak English and while I’m certainly not in the 1%, I have access to health care and can negotiate the system pretty well and I was flummoxed.  What happens to underserved women? Confusing facts and opinions only cause more stress and distress.  Where do we go to get solid information and advice?

So I went to Dr. Susan Love whose work I respect and who brings a mindful perspective to all the screening controversy. I share these links from Dr. Love for your information so that you can make as informed a choice as possible.


October is almost over and honestly, I’m sick of all the criticism of “too much pink” – if pink can raise money for research and effective programs for women, I say “bring it on!”  I  totally understand and appreciate that people with other cancers feel slighted and annoyed by the onslaught of rose hues during the month.  I get this … So what I suggest is that there be a Cancer Awareness Month and that the ribbons, shirts, coffee mugs and paraphernalia consist of all the colors that represent different cancers.  This could bring awareness … and raise money … for all people who have drawn the short straw of cancer.

What do you think?